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The game that made the term shooting bubbles a worldwide phenomenon! Try the simple gameplay com

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The best bubble game for the true fans
This game has really grown a lot on people over the years. Heck, I am one of those fanatics... Playing the bubble game has made me an addict for many years now, as a lot of you landing on this webpage would probably have experienced. The true reason about creating bubbleshooterfans.com is I could not really find a user friendly website that offered the best games the fans deserve in an orderly fashion.

For you people who don’t know… Shooting bubbles is a game that was around long before the internet knew gaming portals like this one. The company behind the successful game is called the Absolutist and created its first bubble game for the Windows platform. Since the game had become such success, it has been ported to run on many platforms. One of those results is the Flash game you can find on this internet site. The concept of the game was taken from Puzzle Bobble, which combined the concept of a puzzle shooter with adventure. The main characters in this game you might know, at least if you owned an 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment system and played the game called Bubble Bobble.

It is probably the concept of the game that made it really successful. Everybody can clear a screen of colored bubbles. The game is pretty accessible; you can play a quick game during your lunch break as the ‘quick fans’ amongst us can probably finish the game within 5 minutes.

I hope you all enjoy the games on my website, as we all are true bubble shooter fans!

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